Elina Aalto

Elina Aalto – actress, coach, speaker, host

Hi! I am a Helsinki-based freelance actress and performance and communication skills coach. I graduated from Theatre Academy in 2009 and specialised in music theatre for my Masters training. I’ve worked in various professional theatres, dramas as well as in musicals and have performed in TV series, adverts and short films. I also do voice overs – TV and radio spots, dubbing and audio books. I’m also available for keynote speeches and event hosting.

At the moment I’m doing my first big movie role in a movie called Stringer. I’m also directing the musical Legally Blonde, which premieres in Sello hall in May 2022. Other fun things coming up too, will tell more about them later!

As a coach my specialties are public speaking, communication and improvisation skills. I have been coaching companies and individuals as well as universities already for more than 15 years. All my coaching packages are now available remotely and I have just launched my first online course in public speaking skills (also available in english)!

Feel free to browse my website and find more information about me as an actress, coach, speaker and a host!

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